Index of Witnesses

Sola Adebawo
CNL Public Affairs Representative; assistant negotiator to Deji Haastrup
Testimony: negotiations with Ilaje elders in Ikorigho

Methuselah Osborne Aiyenumelo
Ilaje protester at Parabe
Testimony: planning of protest; Ilaje demands for environmental reparations & social amenities; military raid and protesters’ detention; commandeering the tugboat Cheryl Ann

Ola-Judah Ajidibo
Ilaje protester at Parabe
Testimony: Concerned Ilaje Citizens; preparation of case study on environmental/economic effects of oil industry; planning of protest, military raid and protesters’ detention; tugboat Cheryl Ann incident

Todd Alamin M.D.
Stanford physician who treated Larry Bowoto.
Testimony: Larry Bowoto’s injuries.

Adebisi “Popular” Atimise
Ilaje protester at Parabe.
Testimony: Parabe protest, detention of protesters, and treatment of decedent Bola Oyinbo.

Bamidele Bolaji
Nursing Supervisor at Escravos
Testimony: treatment of Larry Bowoto; depositing of bodies at mortuary

Larry Bowoto
Ilaje protester at Parabe
Testimony: injured by Nigerian security forces. Lead plaintiff.
URL: Part I
Part II

Michael Browne
Hookup Superintendent, ETPM, CBL-101 barge
Testimony: occupation of barge, platform and Cheryl Ann tug, expatriate workers’ perspective during occupation, March 1998 Itsekiri occupation of Parabe

Tim Browne
Expat Worker on CBL-101, brother of Michael Browne
Testimony: expat workers’ perspective on occupation; alleged violence; diesel fuel; threats

Rick Brown
CNL General Manager of Finance
Testimony: CNL’s finance & accounting policies, CNL’s relationship with US based Chevron entities, accounting of CNL payments to Nigerian security

Christopher Crowther
Helicopter pilot for Pan African Airlines in Nigeria
Testimony: transporting Nigerian military personnel for Chevron Nigeria Ltd.; loaded weapons policy

Jason Daniels
Leader Man Rigger, CBL-101 Barge
Testimony: Parabe occupation from expatriate’s perspective; violence; diesel

Scott Davis
CNL Operations Manager
Testimony: CNL’s Crisis Management Committee, CNL’s role in Parabe incident, decision to send in Nigerian security forces, CNL’s control over security forces, control/supervision exerted by U.S.-based Chevron entities

Philemon Ebiesuwa
Ilaje community leader
Testimony: Discussions with Chevron prior to protest. Testified on background to protest.

Frederick Gorell
Chevron Media Relations
Testimony: false statement to media; P.R. handling of Parabe incident

Deji Haastrup
Community Relations Manager, CNL
Testimony: Itsekiri & Ilaje barge takeovers, CNL’s community relations policy, negotiations with Ilaje elders in Ikorigho
URL: Part I

Wayne Hawkins
Sit Safety Officer & Medic, CBL-101 Barge
Testimony: expat workers’ perspective; violence; diesel fuel

Randall Hervey
CNL North Offshore Area Superintendent in Escravos
Testimony: Parabe incident from CNL management perspective; chain of communication; expat’s perspective

Yemi Ifiyele
Ilaje Protester
Testimony: Ilaje community leader. Testified on protest and attack, including shooting of decedenat Arolika Irowarinu and Larry Bowoto.

Margaret Irowarinu
Widow of Arolika Irowarinu

Mary Irowarinu
Widow of Arolika Irowarinu

Orioye Irowarinu
Son of Arolika Irowarinu

Taiwo Irowarinu
Brother of Arolika Irowarinu, Ilaje protester
Testimony: protest; shooting death of Arolika Irowarinu

Bassey Jeje

Ilaje protester at Parabe.

Testimony: protest at Parabe; injuries sustained; juju; immune to bullets theory

Boyo Johnson
Chevron Subcontractor Employee, Itsekiri
Testimony: Worker aboard CBL-101 barge during protest and military raid.
URL: /

Benjamin Kperegbeyi
Employee of Sea Truck Offshore
Testimony: marine transport for CNL; authorization by Chevron Marine

Michael Libbey
Chevron Corporations Public Affairs and Media Relations Team Leader
Testimony: false statements to press; handling of Parabe public relations;

Joseph Lorenz
Chevron Public Affairs Manager for Africa, Europe, & the Middle East
Testimony: Chevron response to Parabe incident; public relations; email trail; Democracy Now! Documentary

Derek Mackey
Piping contractor, CBL-101 barge
Testimony: Parabe occupation from expat’s perspective; violence; diesel; drinking alcohol; knives; radio room door; military raid

Malcolm MacLeod
Chevron Global Security Chief
Testimony: CNL’s engagement of Nigerian military; universal corporate security guidelines and procedures

Hugh McGowan
Hostage Negotiation/Crisis Intervention Instructor at the Public Agency Training Counsel
Testimony: opinions on appropriateness of Chevron/CNL’s reaction to Parabe occupation

James Neku
Chevron Nigeria Ltd. Security Manager at Escravos
Testimony: participated in military raid on Parabe protest; CNL Crisis Management Team; decision-making process

Abel Ogburu
CNL Platform Supervisor for Parabe
Testimony: Communication with Simeon, CNL supervisor aboard Parabe during protest; lack of threats, restriction of workers’ movement

Johnny Ogunjobi
Pan African Airlines Helicopter Pilot
Testimony: transported Nigerian military forces to Parabe raid; evacuated wounded & deceased

Sola Omole
CNL, General Manager of Government and Public Relations
Testimony: negotiations with local communities; parent-subsidiary relationship; ignoring CIC’s letters; Democracy Now! interview

Monday Omosaye
Ilaje Community Leader, protester
Testimony: background to protest; protest at Parabe; negotiations; Concerned Ilaje Citizens/9th Concessional meeting minutes

Patrick Origbe
CNL Security Coordinator
Testimony: hiring of government security forces; spy police

Damilohun Majemu Osupayojo
Ilaje Protester
Testimony: background of protest, Parabe protest, military raid, shooting of Larry Bowoto and Arolika, abuse of Bola Oyinbo.

Reuben Osazuwa
CNL Senior Security Officer at Escravos Tank Farm
Testimony: employment of spy police; nature of employment of Government Security Forces by CNL

Ola Oyinbo
Plaintiff, Arolika’s widow.
Testimony: husband’s injuries and damages
URL: Part I
Part II

Roger Pell
CNL Logistics Superintendent
Testimony: provision of logistics (room & board) for Nigerian military forces at CNL facilities; no-bid contracts at CNL

David Schools
Captain of the tugboat Cheryl Ann
Testimony: Ilaje boarding of tugboat, Parabe; turtle incident; juju man; commandeering Cheryl Ann; alleged hostage-taking in Ilaje villages

Marco Simons
Legal Director EarthRights International, Co-counsel for plaintiffs
Testimony: preparation of documents summarizing CNL’s payment invoices to Nigerian security forces, chart of rotating employment across Chevron corporate entities

John Stapleton
CNL Meren Platform Field Supervisor
Testimony: Parabe incident from CNL management perspective; chain of communication; expat’s perspective

Scott Taylor
Chevron International Risk Manager
Testimony: CNL security policy, relationship between CNL and defendants,  defendants’ oversight of CNL security practices

Harrison Ulori
Chevron Subcontractor Employee, Itsekiri
Testimony: worker aboard CBL-101 barge, Parabe protest and military raid

Mike Uwaka
Head of CNL Security
Testimony: relationship between CNL and Nigerian security forces, CNL’s security practices, CNL’s role in Parabe incident

Michael Watts
Professor of Geography, Director of the Center for African Studies at the University of California, Berkeley
Testimony: effect of oil extraction industry on Niger Delta, political economy of Nigeria, development issues related to oil economy, human rights abuses by Nigerian military, history of authoritarian dictatorship

Louis Wells
Professor at Harvard Business School
Testimony: expert opinion on relationship between Chevron corporate entities, tight integration and control of subsidiaries by parent company


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