Day 17 11.25.2008 Closing Arguments Part 1

In Trial Notes on November 25, 2008 at 5:13 pm

Today we heard closing arguments from both the plaintiffs, Bowoto et al., and the defendants, Chevron USA et al. The day began with Judge Illston reading the 66 pages of jury instructions to the jury. These poor jurors will have to contend with a complex thicket of cascading agency relationships and vying theories of liability.  How they will sort through it without a lawyer’s help, I do not know.

I’ve got my own worries though — how to do justice to the massive amount of argument and law presented today.

Ok here’s my plan–there’s a lot of material to cover and I want to give both closing arguments their due.

Tonight I will try to cover Dan Stormer’s closing argument.

Tomorrow I will cover Bob Mittelstaedt’s close and Stormer’s rebuttal.

Then, I will try to see if I can map out my understanding of the theories of liability and the various charges the jury will have to consider.

For the time being: the jury has begun deliberating. My hunch is that we won’t hear a verdict until post-Thanksgiving. I’ll do my best to keep you all posted as soon as I hear any news.


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