Day 12 11.17.2008: Judge Illston Rules on Juju

In Trial Notes on November 18, 2008 at 6:08 pm

So sorry I missed yesterday’s session because it looks like it was a big day. Reports have it that Deji Haastrup gave testimony for most of the day. While his composed manner and eloquent speech carried well through direct examination, Dan Stormer was apparently able to point out numerous discrepancies between Haastrup’s live testimony and his sworn deposition.

Even more exciting, Judge Illston apparently came down hard on Chevron for their attempt to present claims of juju men and witch-doctors among the Ilaje protesters. One source quoted her as saying:

I want no juju in this trial!

According to another source, she essentially dismissed the juju argument as borderline racist.

I must say, each day I am more and more impressed with Judge Illston. And she’s a great wit to boot!


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